What is a Soul Portrait? 
This art form is what I refer to as a Soul painting or Soul Portrait.  I use my intuitive gifts and Life Coaching training to bring out the energies, personalities and hidden passions, conflicts and desires in my clients.    

During interviews and intuitive meditation sessions, I open myself to receive my client's energy and deeper emotions.   My ego is not present in this artwork.  I tap into the energy of the individual I am painting and everything flows from there. Colors and design have an energy of their own, I simply follow their instruction.

A Soul Portrait works as a reminder of who we truly are. The soul essence is interpreted in a vibrant composition that is meaningful, healing and inspirational as well.

 We all can benefit from the high caliber energy of these paintings, symbol of the Divine Presence. They are an invitation to raise faith, experience unconditional Love, and receive guidance and peace from the universe.

How is a Soul Portrait created?
Soul Portraits are drawn in pencil or ink and then painted in water-based acrylics and inks on canvas.  I incorporate flower essences into my paints to further assist in creating a high energy piece. The portrait may be embellished in textures, organic plant and mineral substances, crystals, or other shapes and mixed media I am drawn to.

I do not need to meet the person(s) being painted but I do need a picture of him/her. A picture sent through the mail will be returned.  A telephone  interview is desired and will compliment the Soul portrait. Details about this are below.

Each Portrait is 16” x 20” mixed media on canvas and is supplied unframed.  Arrangements can be made with Jax for a larger painting, if you desire.

How to Order your personal Soul Portrait for you and your family:

Start the process by contacting Jax today for your free initial consultation.  
[email protected]

What does a Soul Portrait Cost?

Your original Soul Portrait costs $450 (plus shipping if required) and includes a free Life Coaching session with Jax.   Larger size portraits than 16x20 can be arranged at a price.  Contact Jax for info  

The Soul Portrait Process/Ordering Information

        1. Contact Jax first by phone or email.  Sessions are done with various methods, depending on what I am drawn to for each person.  Of course, consultations about your soul portrait are always free.

        2. When ordering your Soul Portrait, please include the following information:

           a) Your name

           cb Your complete mailing address

           c) Your e-mail address for immediate order confirmation

           d)  A digital picture of yourself

        3. When your payment arrangements are made and received the process continues.

        4.  I then place your information on a special meditation center I have built for just this purpose for 48 hours.  This makes it easier for me to connect with your energy when I do my meditation.   Then I go through a 15 - 30 minute meditation and visualization process during which I connect with yourr energy and  receive images and interpretations for you which I sketch for future reference.

   6. The next stage is purely artistic.  I do a portrait based on  our coaching session and the intuitions I receive during meditations.  Sometimes the intuitions come as an already-completed portrait so I work directly from an initial sketch.  However, most often, the intuitions are isolated and I combine them into a final sketch.  I then add color in whichever medium I am guided.

    Depending on what is going on in your life at the time you order your Soul Portrait, interpretations vary widely.  Insights regarding your Destiny and Life Purpose can sometimes be revealed through your Soul Painting.  Other times I intuit a special message for you that might be hiding from your consciousness.  I never know ahead of time what we will receive but it's always interesting. I will write up the translation of the insights and include it with your portrait.

        7. My Soul Portraits have a turn-over time in usually about ten to fourteen days.    The process of creating and interpreting your portrait is done in bits and pieces over a 3 to 4-day period.  Including mailing time, you can expect to receive your "Soul Portrait" within 2 to 3 weeks of placing your order.

            IMPORTANT:  If you are placing an order for a Soul Portrait for a loved one and need it completed by a specific date, please keep in mind it will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to reach you. Also, please inform me of the date by which you need the portrait completed.

 I have done Soul Portraits for people from all walks of life.  It is unique experience, a healing, a vision into one’s higher self.  I would be honored to do yours.

Many Blessings.

Payment info:

Please contact Jax:

phone 985-377-3324

Credit and debit cards gladly accepted 

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Kathy's Soul Portrait
Jax Frey, Artist
Soul Portraits

$450.00 (see more information below.)

Concetta, a beautiful healer, 
What are People saying about Jax's Soul Portraits? 
"Jax is an extremely gifted visionary artist who works closely with spirit to create amazing portraits.  My proposal to Jax was to paint a portrait of me with my Beloved, Faenid. I were absolutely awestruck by the details that came through in the portrait of us.  Jax picked up on things that she could not have known without her intuitive guidance.  Thank you, Jax!"  Kathleen  Sedona 
Carol's vision confirmed her mission to spread her special loving compassion.
Bobbie - at peace at a great dreaming time in her life.
Leslee's session showed her to be on the brink of great spiritual and personal growth .
Brian in Sedona - Soul Portrait
My little Hawaiin Princess Friend!
Judith's South Portrait
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