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Jax Frey, New Orleans Artist
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Jax Scarves
Just Beautiful!  You won't have to wait for the compliments to come rolling in over these colorful, unique fashion statements! Two styles New Orleans and New Orleans Cocktails 16 x 60" Polyester
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New Orleans Scarf - includes 4 images: New Orleans, Jackson Square, Streetcar and French Quarter
New Orleans Cocktails Scarf - includes 4 images:  Sazerac, Ramos Gin Fizz, French 75 and Cajun Bloody Mary.
New Orleans Scarves - $36.00
Jax's Story Scarves 
 Every Scarf has a Story. - $48.00
Story Scarves - each scarf has a story! Jax has designed these colorful 70 x 35" chiffon scarves based on original paintings of hers depicting stories from her childhood and life in her beloved hometown, New Orleans. 
Piano Sidewalks Scarf:
There are moments when you can feel the timeless, urban musical NOLA vibe creep right up from the very sidewalks throughout your entire yearning body. The vibe contains elements of the ancient and new and you never get tired of it. Jax can't count the number of times she's walked the streets of the city and felt, overwhelmingly, that particular New Orleans groove.
Dragonflies Scarf:
This particular moment occurred during one summer’s day in Jax’s childhood. She was out walking among the cattails on a Louisiana bayou, when the air was suddenly filled with an alarming buzzing sound. Jax didn’t know where the sound was coming from and wasn’t sure whether to run, or hide, or fall to the ground. Suddenly she was surrounded on all sides by a tornado of transparent-winged colorful dragonflies. She watched them dance around her. In that moment, even at a tiny age, she knew that she was witnessing a blessing of life and magic.  
She wasn’t afraid. 
 In fact, she laughed out loud.